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Research:  exAmples

  • Currently rsearching and summarising updated information on COVID19 for sharing with Arabic speakers via social media.

  • Research on the role of the Global Fund in access to medicines.

  • Research on “out of pocket financing in Vietnam” and internal Oxfam research paper.

  • Systematic review of performance of malaria treatment providers. The study was used in advocacy with the Global Fund to reject allocating a special budget for the Affordable Medicine Facility for Malaria.

  • Participated in research on community-based health insurance in Armenia.

  • Integrating gender perspective in research, analysis and programming.

  • Applying participatory approaches and qualitative studies.

  • Leading a research programme on challenges of access to health and education in India, Ethiopia, Uganda and Nicaragua.

  • Participating in a baseline health research into the health needs of women in remote mountainous villages in Yemen.

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