This website belongs to Dr.  Mohga Kamal-Yanni MPhil, MBE


This website has information of my work in global health

including current work on Covid-19 in English

and also Arabic podcasts.

Here is my latest work on Covid19:

Talking to DemocracyNow TV about #PeopleVaccine

And interview with EuroNews on 8th December 2020




Apart from my work in global health, the website  also includes other interests e.g. blogs on general interests and on living with a kid with Down Syndrome. 

By the way my article Scaling up malaria treatment in the Malaria Journal, has been cited 40 times.

I believe that every human is entitled to good health care and the medicines they need, irrespective of their birthplace or their ability to pay.


I work as a freelance consultant to help organisations, institutions and governments to ensure that all people have this access.


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