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Programme support: examples

Providing technical thematic support, strategic planning, monitoring & evaluation, training of project workers. Examples:

  • Set up programmes for rural health care (India), managing an urban health centre for marginalised population especially women (Yemen), and health education programmes in Ecuador and Nazareth-Israel.

  • Set up an integrated health and HIV programme in collaboration with provincial and district government and local NGOs in Mozambique.

  • Set up, follow up and evaluation of community based health insurance projects in Armenia.

  • Trained Southern NGOs in health education, advocacy on UHC, gender analysis of health systems, access to medicines and financing healthcare. 

  • Participated in strategy development for mainstreaming HIV into health and food security programmes in Southern Africa.

  • Provided technical and programme support for HIV prevention and care programmes in India, Ethiopia, Thailand.

  • Provided policy support to the Oxfam response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

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