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About Me

I was born and grew up in a poor, urban area of Sohag in Southern Egypt. My parents wanted me to be a doctor so that I would be able to help parents whose children were dying from a lack of access to healthcare and medicine.

Since starting as a GP in Egypt, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in healthcare settings, research, advocacy, fundraising, health policy and programming. I have worked with international and multilateral agencies, national NGOs and governments all over the world. I worked for  Oxfam for 24 years as a Programme advisor and a Senior Health Policy advisor.

ِI am currently a key advisor to the NGO board members to UNITAID. I am also engaged in consultancies with NGOs including Oxfam US.


I continue to be dedicated to access to medicines and health care for all.

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MPhil in Primary health care, Bristol University UK

Mb ChB, Assiut University, Egypt

  • Universal health coverage, financing and delivery of health care,

  • Access to medicines,

  • Non- communicable & communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS and Ebola

  • Gender and health. 

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