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Briefing for the Greek journal, Documento

11th January 2022

"Companies like Pfizer and Moderna have forgotten that there is a continent called Africa. But the rich countries were quite happy to leave fundamental decisions in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies, "Dr. Mohga Kamal-Yanni, senior health policy adviser for The People's Vaccine, which aims to promote mass vaccination worldwide, told Documento.

One of these fundamental decisions, according to Dr. Kamal-Yanni, was "how many vaccines could be produced. Another is the distribution of vaccines, which was left in the hands of pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, the companies distributed them where they could get the maximum profit. That's why we did not have many vaccines available. The other fundamental decision was that pharmaceutical companies were allowed to set the price of vaccines. 


Rich countries, such as the United Kingdom, have said they have given so many millions of pounds for the COVAX initiative, which aims for equal access to vaccines. But COVAX had nothing to buy, there were no vaccines on the world market. COVAX announced at the end of 2020 the distribution of 2 billion instalments in 2021. Only until last October it had given very little. Because he had access to very few. "The president of the United States bought 1 billion doses from Pfizer and now Africa is receiving more vaccines than before."


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